THE BELLBOY AND THE PLAYGIRLS - (1958/62) German/U.S (B&W/Color) 85 min: Starring June Wilkinson, Karin Dor
Poor George! All he wants is a job at the Happy Holiday Hotel as its house detective. Instead he works there as not only a bellboy but also its switchboard operator, assistant janitor, janitor, and elevator operator. George figures if he can secretly observe the neighboring theater directorÕs ways with his actresses (including future James Bond villainess Karin Dor), he can learn how to handle women, which for some reason is an important skill for a hotel detective. At the Happy Holiday, George gets his chance at surveillance when Madam Wimplepoole (Playboy Playmate June "The Body" Wilkinson) brings a bevy of topless beauties to the hotel to model her exotic lingerie. George misinterprets what kind of madam Madam Wimplepoole is and becomes determined to crack the case. Meanwhile, at the theater the director and actors discuss the role of love from the ancient Greeks to the Middle Ages. The theater scenes are in black and white and were filmed in Germany. Francis Ford Coppola was hired to spice up the film with his nudie cutie color scenes of George and the playgirls at the hotel. June was hired for her "staggering-magnificent-mighty-sensational" 43-22-36 natural charms.

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