Born September 28, 1934 in Paris, France, the eternal sex kitten is still considered to be the primary symbol of the post-war sexual revolution of the fifties. A ballet dancer and model during her teens, she embarked on a modest film career in the early fifties, but did not receive real attention until meeting her future husband and mentor, Roger Vadim. After marrying her and carefully nurturing her image as the ultimate nymphette, he approached producer in 1956 with the idea of chronicling the amoral world of the female beat generation in Paris. The result was the creation of the landmark film, and the vehicle which launched the Bardot legend, "AND GOD CREATED WOMEN." She would make a total of 68 films before retiring to ber beloved animals and private retreat in St, Tropez. Along the way, husbands, lovers, suicide attempts, an estranged son, and tales of madness would surround the scandalous emancipation embodied by the beloved "BB." Today she devotes her time and money to protecting animals from worldwide abuse via the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

LOVE ON A PILLOW - (1964/French)
THAT NAUGHTY GIRL - (1957/French)
THE BEAR & THE DOLL - (1969/French)
HER BRIDAL NIGHT (1956/French)
A RAVISHING IDIOT - (1963/French)

CRAZY FOR LOVE - (aka Le Trou Normand) (1952/French)
A COEUR JOIE - (aka Head Over Heels) (1967/French/color)