Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1941, she started her career as a nightclub dancer, moved on to the Actor's Studio in New York, and eventually made her stage debut in "ESCAPADE", and on the silver screen in "EASY TO LOVE." But it was her her thumb-sucking teen tease role in the landmark motion picture "BABY DOLL" which catapulted her to movie fame and cemented her image as a sex star. She would go on to more provocative roles wearing even less clothing in "THE CARPETBAGGERS", "HARLOW", and the notorious European import "THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH." After a long absence from the screen during the late sixties and early seventies, she returned as a suburban housewife in Andy Warhol's "BAD", and then retired quietly to a solitary life in New York City.

A QUIET PLACE TO KILL - (1969/Italian-Spanish)
STATION SIX SAHARA - (1964/British)

HARLOW - (1965) (USA)