Born prior to World War II on April 15, 1939 in Italy, she was one of the first Italian sexpots to gain recognition as an accomplished actress as well as her physique. First acclaim came when she appeared in “ BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET" in 1958, followed by ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS", "GIRL WITH A SUITCASE" and Fellini's "8 1/2". She ventured to America and had a busy career in the mid sixties starring in "THE PINK PANTHER", and "CIRCUS WORLD" amongst others while also returning to Italy to work in THE LEOPARD for Visconti. While residing in Italy she later appeared occasionally in motion pictures and made-for-tv movies. She currently lives in Paris and is rumored to be planning a live theatrical role while in France.

ILL BELL' ANTONIO - (1960/b&w/Italian-French)
GIRL WITH A SUITCASE - (1960/Italian)

THE QUEENS aka Sex Quartet & Le Fate - (1966/Italian)
A FINE PAIR - (1969/USA)
BEBO’S GIRL - (1964/b&w/Italian/English subtitles)
BLONDE IN BLACK LEATHER - (1975) Color/100 minutes