DARK EYES aka DEMON RAGE - (1981) Color 98 min: Starring Lana Wood, Britt Ekland. A frustrated housewife embarks upon a series of passionate nightly encounters with a tall and darkly mysterious stranger... who, of course, turns out to be Satan himself. Thus begins her descent into dementia, as she begins to distance herself even further from her husband and daughter, while painting portraits of her enigmatic new lover. There is a fully-functional guillotine in the cellar, and it's only a matter of time before heads begin to roll. Assailed by a horde of devil-worshippers, she finds herself
plunging towards a horrifying climax. This horror/exploitation programmer from the later part of Wood's career takes full advantage of her bountiful breasts by exposing them on the beach, in the shower, and in bed whenever possible. If you loved Lana in her brief appearance opposite Sean Connery's James Bond as Plenty O'Toole, you'll go absolutely crazy for her in this fleshfest.

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