DAGMAR’S HOT PANTS - (1971/Danish) Color. 94 min. Starring: Diana Kjaer, Ann Grete, Robert Strauss. This spicy 1970’s Danish comedy portrays the mis-adventures of a young call girl who attempts to retire and sell her list of clientele to a former competitor in order to marry the young man she had put through medical school. DIANA KJAER, the Swedish sexpot who made her film debut in “Fanny Hill,” portrays the young woman who is trying to unload her following. The picture also stars American ROBERT STRAUSS, known for his performance as the amiable janitor in “The Seven Year Itch” and many other comedies. Ann Grete (previously seen in “Without A Stitch”) and Inger Sundh (the star of “I A Woman III”) round out the cast. NUDITY. SEXUAL SITUATIONS. (R)

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