TOO LATE BLUES - (1962) (B&W) 100 min: Starring Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens, Everett Chambers.
A low down look at the beat, hipster, jazz scene and the dreamers, schemers, wanna-be and wish-they-werenÕt characters that booze and jam their days and nights away. Bobby Darin turns in an incredible performance as ÒGhostÓ a tortured young jazz musician who scuffles from gig to gig with his band, trying to keep body and soul together. Stella Stevens plays ÒJessÓ a beautiful so-so singer who helps the band score a record deal. Ghost falls hard for Jess but soon everything falls apart after a humiliating pool hall fight with a very young Vince Edwards, and Ghost's discovery that Jess occasionally turns tricks to pay the rent. Real-life jazz greats appear onscreen and on the soundtrack, including Slim Gaillard, Benny Carter and Shelly Manne. This film was the directorial debut of actor John Cassevetes.

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