JAYNE MANSFIELD - LOVE AND KISSES! - (2000/US) Color, b&w.48 min. Her career was the product of her relentless ambition, and her legacy is shaped more by her death than her accomplishments.From the moment that Jayne Mansfield could appreciate movies, she only wanted to be a star. With the driving ambition that would mark the rest of her life, she out to make her dream a reality. She didn't need to be the best actress in the world, just a Hollywood queen in the tradition of Joan Crawford. From her childhood as Vera Jayne Palmer in the early thirtiesin Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania to her time at the top of Hollywood, here is the bittersweet story of Jayne Mansfield. See clips from her movies and photos of the countless publicity appearances that were essential to her popularity. And get a touching look at the woman behind the bombshell through interviews with friends and family, including two of her three husbands.Join Biography for a revealing look at the starlet who took the world by storm, was consumed by the legend she tried so hard to sustain, and remains one of the most remembered icons of 1950's culture to this day.

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