B.S. I LOVE YOU - (1971)
(Color) 99 min: Starring JoAnna Cameron, Peter Kastner, Joanna Barnes, Louise Sorel
B.S. I LOVE you is appropriately titled, as the story concerns a young adman who not only loves his job, but enjoys success in his job due to his success in lovemaking. Especially helpful is his liaison with his boss, but he also manages to further his career with the romantic assistance of the boss's wild and sexually liberated daughter played by JoAnna Cameron. He somehow manages to keep his career going, along with relationships with both women and his regular, but much neglected girlfriend, while traveling between New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Notable for introducing future Saturday morning heroine Cameron (ISIS) and for her uninhibited provocative performance as a sexual carnivore. This is the unedited version seen in theatres but cut down for broadcasts due to its breast baring sequences.

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