CRAZY FOR LOVE - (aka Le Trou Normand)(1952/French) English Subtitles/80 min Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Bourvil, Nadine Basile.
The title of this French low-comedy opus refers to a fancy, family-owned hotel. Village buffoon Hippolyte (Bourvil) hopes to inherit the hotel, but he's opposed by his crafty relatives. In order to qualify for the inheritance, Hippolyte is forced to enroll in grade school, from which he'd never graduated. Romance blossoms in the form of his sexy cousin Gavotte (Bardot), but when Hippolyte learns that her interest in him is purely mercenary, he settles for good-hearted schoolmarm Madeline (Nadine Bassile). This film is noteworthy primarily as the first time Brigitte Bardot appears onscreen. The visual quality is below our normal standards and the pricing reflects accordingly but it is certainly viewable and has value as part of the Bardot collection.

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