A CRY IN THE NIGHT (1956) 75 min. Starring: Natalie Wood, Edmond O’Brien, Raymond Burr. Natalie Wood plays what was touted as her first “grown up” role in this tense melodrama. Based loosely on the Caryl Chessman case, the film showcases Raymond Burr as a psycho who stalks and attacks young couples on Lover’s Lane. Overpowering Wood’s boyfriend, Burr kidnaps the girl and locks her up in a seedy one-room apartment. Though he barely lays a hand on her, the girl has every reason to be terrified of her captor, who has a disturbing habit of brutally killing small animals. Meanwhile, Wood’s police-captain father (Edmond O’Brien) brusquely ignores all manner of civil liberties as he and fellow officer Brian Donlevy turn the town inside out in search of the girl and her abductor.

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