GIRLS TOWN - (1959)
(B&W) (USA) 92 min
Starring: Mamie van Doren, Mel Torme, Paul Anka.
A teen sexploitation film about youthful rebels from MGM, with B-movie sexpot MAMIE VAN DOREN in the lead role as a sexy, misbehaving juvenile delinquent named Silver Morgan,who gets sent to a reform-school correctional institution run by nuns after killing her attempted rapist-boyfriend. With vulgarity, catfights, lesbianism, drag racing, and more. It was marketed with lines such as: "This sexually explicit, low-budget film makes no pretensions about being anything other than offensive". Worth seeing for the All-Star cast alone.Even future FATHER KNOWS BEST daughter ELINOR DONAHUE shows up here as a bleach blonde!

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