(B&W) (USA) 107 min
Starring: Donna Mills, Jan Sterling, Martin Sheen.
MARTIN SHEEN may be the Grey Eminence of movies nowadays, but back in 1967 he often as not played switchblade-wielding punks. This he does, in the company of TONY MUSANTE in THE INCIDENT. After mugging a helpless old man, they take over a subway car, terrorizing its occupants. In STAGECOACH fashion, all the best and worst qualities of the passengers are brought to the surface by the presence of danger. Among the passengers are angry black man BROCK PETERS and his supplicative wife RUBY DEE, ex-alcoholic, GARY MERRIL, timorous Jewish couple JACK GILFORD and THELMA RITTER, blowhard ED McMAHON, and homosexual ROBERT FIELDS. It is furloughed army private BEAU BRIDGES who puts an end to their reign of terror. THE INCIDENT is an unpleasant but undeniably fascinating character study. And yes, that cute young blonde is first-timer DONNA MILLS and veteran Hollywood and Broadway star JAN STERLING also plays a significant role.

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