SCORCHY - (1976)–(USA) Color-99 min.
Starring: Connie Stevens, Cesare Danova, William Smith.
Sixties sexpot Stevens (HAWAIIAN EYE) was approaching her fortieth birthday when she played Seattle cop Jackie Parker in this crime drama shot on location. After pursuing a drug operation all the way to Rome, where William Smith—dressed as a priest—blows a courier’s brains out and steals both the dope and money, Jackie returns home to continue her cover as an independent charter pilot, who dresses in a dazzling display of frilly—but sadly not revealing—clothes. Although an American AIP release, the film plays like an Italian crime drama of the period replete with Gallic music score and quick glimpses of Stevens’ naked body. A rarity worth having if not for anything but its notoriety and Smith and Danova’s over-the-top performances.

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