91 min
Starring: Juliet Prowse, Sal Mineo, Jan Murray,
Elaine Stritch
Shot on location in Manhattan during the mid-'60s, Who Killed Teddy Bear? is a startling piece of dramatic filmmaking. The picture features all the qualities one would expect of either a pulp movie masterpiece or a "so-bad-it's-good" curiosity Juliet Prowse portrays Nora, a deejay and hostess at a sleazy midtown discoth¸que who starts to receive obscene phone calls. Nora dismisses them, until she crosses paths with Bill Madden (Jan Murray), a grim, obsessive police lieutenant specializing in sex crimes. He manages both to offend and frighten Nora with his depth of knowledge and suspicions about the kinds of people who commit those crimes.Typical for the period, WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? touches on such taboo topics as pornography, voyeurism, incest, and lesbianism, but never reveals anything explicitly. The film is in the tradition of lurid yet crafty B thrillers of the same period (e.g. SCREAMING MIMI, PEEPING TOM, PICTURE MOMMY DEAD, and BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING),and continues to have a cult following.

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