IL VICHINGO VENUTO DAL SUD - The Viking Who Came From the South (1971/Italian Language/Spanish Subtitles) Alternate Title: The Viking Who Came From the South (Color) 90 minutes
Starring: Pamela Tiffin, Lando Bazzanca, Gigi Ballista.
Rosario Trapanese is determined to show he is not the typical old-fashioned Sicilian. When his firm sends him to Denmark he immediately adopts the Danish "free-sexual-taboo" way of life. He meets and marries the stunning Karen and brings her back to Italy. He accidentally discovers that prior to meeting him she had appeared in a porn movie and his Sicilian jealousy drives him crazy. She manages to finally calm him down and confesses that also she signed a contract for a second movie and will be sued and fined if she refuses to do it. The couple doesn't have enough money to bail her out so they need to find a solution. And what a solution it is in the final scene of this very strange salaciousItalian farce.

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