(1964) (B&W/85 min)
Starring: Leticia Roman, Miriam Hopkins, Ulli Lommel
Young, pretty and innocent Fanny Hill has lost her parents and must find her way in life amidst the perils of turbulent 18th century London. She is fortunate enough to rapidly find a place as chambermaid for the effusive Mrs. Brown, who lives in a large house teeming with female "relatives" in negligees and with very relaxed manners. She also insists that Fanny meets alone with various gentlemen who show an ardent interest in the girl. Fans of director RUSS MEYER will find this movie a little bit of an oddity for as it has no nudity and is quite tame. Perhaps an experiment for him attempting to shoot a period piece with broad, straight comedy that owes a heavy debt to vaudeville, as well as eighteenth-century novels of virtue and their contemporary parodies.
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