94 min: Starring Morten Grunwald, Essy Persson, Martin Hansen, Freddy Hansen, a game salesman, has his baggaage mistakenly picked up by Smith, a secret agent. Smith threatens liquidation if Freddy doesn't lend himself as bait to help Smith trap Dr. Pax, a notorious enemy agent. He accompanies Smith to Stockholm where they are to meet Sonja (Essy Perrson), a double agent for Dr. Pax, who is also on Smith's liquidation list. Thanks to his bag of game tricks, Freddy manages to avoid being done in by Kolick, a killer for Dr. Pax. Freddy falls for Sonja, and he, she and Smith are taken as prisoners to Dr. Pax's hideout, a remote island fortress from which a major power is to be attacked by missiles guided by trained pigeons. Freddy manages to teach Dr. Pax a lasting lesson in the difference between trained pigeons and homing pigeons in an explosive finale.

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