Born Raquel Tejada on September 5,1940 in Chicago, and then moved to LaJolla, California in the mid forties. She made a modest livelihood as a model until landing the role which changed her life in 1966, the loincloth bikini beauty of the campy caveman flick, "ONE MILLION YEARS B.C." Subsequent films gave her a chance to continue dispalying her awesome body in "FANTASTIC VOYAGE", "100 Rifles", "KANSAS CITY BOMBER", and "MYRA BRECKENRIDGE". But it was her star turn singing and dancing on Broadway in "WOMAN OF THE YEAR" which finally gave the critics something to applaud about. She can be seen hawking perfume and appearing on made-for-tv movies, and achieved financial success in homevideo with her series of workout tapes..

THE QUEENS aka Sex Quartet & Le Fate - (1966/Italian)
THE OLDEST PROFESSION - (1967) (French/Italian/German)
THE BIGGEST BUNDLE OF THEM ALL - (1968) Color/110 minutes
FLAREUP - (1969) (USA)
L’ANIMAL - (1973/French)