THE SWINGER - (1966) Color.81 min; Ann-Margret, Tony Franciosa, Robert Coote
Ann-Margret, at the height of her sex kitten beauty, plays a naive girl from Minnesota who wants to become a writer. The editors at the publication she sends her stories to, Girl-Lure Magazine, don't think her material is up to their standards of excitement and sexual exploitation. So Ann-Margret proceeds to write a story that will please publishers Franciosa and Coote. She lifts lines out of other girlie publications and claims that they describe her own lifestyle. To prove it, she stages an orgy featured at the time in PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, and has her neighbor, a cop, make a bust to heighten the luridness of the situation. This makes Franciosa believe it his duty to reform Ann-Margret. When he tries to do so, he discovers her true background. Ann-Margret is good in a role that takes advantage of her bombshell image and incredible body. She is seen in leotards, bikinis, feathers, leather gear and more as the ultimate sixties fetish fanatasy femme fatale. A much sought-after cult movie out of circulation on video since the 1980s.

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